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About Stand with Israel

What is Stand with Israel?

Stand with Israel was established by a team of volunteers based in Israel in response to the heinous Hamas massacre against the State of Israel. It showcases leading Israeli non-governmental organizations actively engaged in providing vital services such as emergency response, medical aid, mental health support, soldier assistance, and humanitarian aid to address the aftermath of this brutal terror attack.

Our mission is to simplify the process for anyone worldwide wishing to support Israel, ensuring their contributions go to verified organizations. In the United States, all donations are channeled through tax-deductible 501(c)(3) entities.

Israel needs your support urgently. Your assistance is instrumental in Israel's defense against its ruthless adversaries, who seek to harm as many Jews as possible and eliminate the State of Israel.

What happened in Israel?

On Saturday, October 7, 2023, Israel witnessed an unprecedented day of bloodshed, marking a tragic chapter in its history. The horrors unfolded on a Jewish holiday morning when over hundreds of terrorists breached the Gaza-Israel barrier, spreading chaos across more than 20 locations, leaving a trail of devastation.

In a day marred by unimaginable brutality, Israelis fell victim on the streets, within their homes, and even at an outdoor music festival. Whole families were ruthlessly massacred, children and infants were killed before their parents' eyes, and unspeakable acts of violence, including beheadings, burnings, and assaults on young women in the presence of their deceased friends, transpired. Additionally, more than 120 individuals were taken hostage, and thousands suffered injuries.

For a nation acquainted with a history defined by wars, terror attacks, and military conflicts, this Saturday stands out as an unparalleled day of horror. Israel has not witnessed anything of this magnitude, drawing comparisons to the gravity of 9/11 and evoking painful memories of the Holocaust.

The Israel-Gaza War by the Numbers

Numbers updated for October 27, 2023:

  • 1,400 civilians and soldiers dead 

  • 220+ kidnapped by Hamas and dragged to Gaza 

  • 7,500+ rockets fired towards Israel

What organizations can I donate to help Israel?

In this challenging time, Israel needs your support. Choose an organization from that list that is meaningful to you, and make a contribution. We understand online donation concerns due to internet scams. Rest assured, the listed organizations are verified and actively aiding those affected by the October 7th tragedies.

How does Stand with Israel work?

Stand with Israel compiles a comprehensive directory of Israeli non-governmental organizations across diverse categories, including emergency response, medical aid, search and rescue, soldier support, and mental health assistance. We also feature organizations facilitating funds for ad-hoc campaigns to support Southern Israeli communities directly impacted by the tragic aftermath of October 7th.

We serve as a simple gateway, directing visitors to the websites and donation portals of these organizations without retaining any contributed funds. When you donate through our website, rest assured your contribution is processed securely, guaranteeing that the funds are promptly channeled to those actively engaged in delivering essential services to assist Israel during this challenging period.

Are donations tax-deductible in the United States?

The organization listed on this website are 501(c)(3) entities and are tax-deductible in the United States.

How do we choose which organizations to feature?

The organizations featured on our website are carefully selected. We prioritize transparency, accountability, and a demonstrated commitment to the cause they represent.  Our aim is to provide a curated list of reputable non-profit organizations that individuals can confidently support, knowing that their donations will make a meaningful difference in the cause they care about. 

We ensure that the organizations are open and transparent about their financials, operations, and impact, and should readily provide information about how funds are utilized. We assess the organization's history, including their past projects, achievements, and impact on the cause they represent. We also prefer organizations that provide regular updates on their activities and progress to keep donors informed about the impact of their contributions.

Who are we?

This website was built by a group of volunteers from the hi-tech industry who are based in Israel. 

Can I donate using a donor-advised fund?

Donors who wish to contribute through their donor-advised fund can do so seamlessly via Chariot, without incurring any additional fees.

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